project 52 my content library

Project 52 connects writers with charities and non-profits.

Our goal is to assist fifty-two charities and non-profits in fifty-two weeks to help humanity and the world by getting their mission across accurately. These organizations are great at positively impacting people and the planet by connecting people and resources. Writers, like you, are great at writing stand out content.

This is the golden intersection of impact and skill.

Any writer who helps a charity and/or non profit with website content will receive a one year free membership to My Writing Library. As the writer, you will rewrite landing page and about page content or write two blog posts for the organization, by choice of said organization.

If you are a writer interested in helping a charity in return for a free membership, reach out to with the subject line “Free Writing Services” and we will connect you with a charity and/or non-profit.

If you are or know of a charity or non-profit interested in website content help, email with the subject line “Website Help For Organization” and we will connect you with a writer.